Live Webinar Series

Presenting FLOW-3D HYDRO

Flow Science is pleased to present FLOW-3D HYDRO, a comprehensive CFD modeling solution geared specifically towards the needs of the civil water & environmental industry. Beyond exceptional free surface and advanced physics modeling capabilities, FLOW-3D HYDRO offers unparalleled user functionality through the use of template-based workspaces, a What You See Is What You Need (WYSIWIN) interface, an application-centered approach to model setup, and a comprehensive library of example simulations.

This webinar will present the FLOW-3D HYDRO user interface through a series of worked examples and will also review the evaluation and training opportunities that have been calendared through 2021 for professional engineers and students to learn and adopt FLOW-3D HYDRO as their primary CFD modeling tool.

Thursday December 3, 1:00pm EST